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Pictage Partner Conference 2007 LA

Here's the latest ScriPic...whatcha think?

Hey everyone, hope you're doing great! It has been beautiful weather here in Monterey, and I am quick to remember not to take it for granted. Today I spent time with my son Judah Kai, and took him to get his second ever hair cut. He did pretty good, considering he's only 16 months old. And so did I, given that my wife wasn't there to help distract him and such! :) We shared a Costco hotdog (or two), ate some raisins (did I spell that right?), and had a blast hanging out. I absolutely love it when he snuggles up to me randomly and give me a big "Daddy Love" hug while he rests his precious little red head on my shoulder. Man, that's the good stuff!

As many of you know, we, on a personal note, moved homes and are now countrified on 11 acres! We are yet to have TV, let alone internet access, so life has been challenging (particularly when it comes time to blogging and emailing!) but we are surviving. :) Judah has space to roam without worrying about cars and the like - although 2 days ago we had to keep him close because of a new mountain lion coming down to say hi - and we have peace and quiet, kinda. After all, our boy is 16 months old!

I'm off tomorrow down to Los Angeles until the end of the week for what will be an exciting time of networking and growing in my profession. My partnered online photo lab Pictage conducts a great conference twice annualy, and this is the one on the west coast. I'm excited to catch up with old friends, and the opportunity to make new ones!

As far as the studio goes, all is coming together greatly, and we are super stoked & about ready to have y'all over! Just waiting on a few large canvas prints and a seriously cool stainless steel piece that will catch your eye. Definately a cool place to hang and feel special, and a great relaxing environment to view your images while sipping on a fantastically delicious cappuccino!

Our new studio phone number is up and running at 800-925-1639. You can always shout out to us about anything you might come up with regarding suggestions or new and fresh ideas for your photos...or your favorite locations! That's always been part of our DNA here at Mike Steelman Photographers - to listen to what our clients desire and have in mind, and to provide an experience that is custom suited to each person. And of course, to blow your mind doing it! We are filling up our dates for Family Holiday Photos, so give us a call today to book your date! God Bless, and see you soon!