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Hello there! Welcome to my blog. This online journal covers both professional and personal notes, thoughts, aspirations, questions, and whatever else is going on inside my head and heart, and is intended for you to get to know me just a bit more. Please enjoy, & be sure to visit my website for more info. Thanks for swinging by, & enjoy the tangents...


This whole week is all about MOVING. Don't know if you like it, but I hate moving! I love the idea of something fresh and new, and all that comes with that. But when it comes down to it, I still have to go through all the junk, box it, and move it. Then unpack it once I find it. D'ya know what I'm talking about? Well, anyways, I probably won't post again for a few days again, as I'll be submerged in cardboard.

Yesterday I had a family group session in Carmel. The Ward family - oh what a blessing! You have to meet them. Say hello to quadruplets! We started at the mission, and then went to the beach at the end of Ocean Ave. One of my favorite areas - you get the tourism, yet the charm of an old city. The Wards are longtime family friends, and a blast to run across the beach with. Thanks guys for a great day!
Also, another cool thing, I have a great Renewal Of the Vows this Friday with the Billingtons - congratulations on 16 years! I think that's so excellent. I can't wait.



Okay, not so much a vacation, but more like a moment of relaxation. I found this pic on my computer of a moment I had while visiting my other love/home (Hawaii). I am in the process of packing, painting, moving, editing, uploading, photographing, and parenting extra kids (neice) these next two weeks, and then jump right into Spirit West Coast the following week. So this picture was a great way to reflect, and to take a mental breather. BTW, I've found a wonderful new studio located in the heart of downtown Monterey, and can't wait to see how it all works out! I haven't forgotten to finish posting the past (ie. Florida and more), but will get to it within the next few weeks. The more I get done, it seems the more there is to do - Praise God, no doubt. Hope y'all are great! Take a moment to chill...



Hey peoples, I said it already, but I'll say it again: THE SITE IS UP! And I am stoked! Please go and visit here today, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Other than that, I'm up here in beautiful and HOT! Idaho, enjoying a little time off and shooting some pleasure shots. It's supposed to be 105 degrees today - ouch! Normally it's about 88 or so, which isn't too bad. The only thing is I wish I had my motorcycle! The Boise area is like my second home (or third, or fourth considering Monterey, Maui, and Orlando! hehe). And of course, it's always a great thing to see family and friends that you haven't seen for some time. That's what life is really about - relationships. And there's one relationship above all - that with God. He is so gracious and giving. Be grateful today! Take a moment or even 10 seconds to reflect on the life you have, and all the little things we take for granted. Appreciation. Wow. :) On that note, let me just give a little thanks to my wife Gina publicly. She has been so patient with me and is such a great wife and mother, I can't really even find the words to describe the joy I have in my heart! She's also quite the developing photographer - I'm so proud!! She'll probably kick my butt for posting this, but here's a general pic of my bride. Raw yet refined, on a cloudy day of portraiture work. To those married, thank God for your spouse! To the unmarrieds, praise God for the place you're in now!
Oh yeah - the contact page on the new site is good to go. So contact me. Have a great day!



Oh yeah, if you want to get a hold of me, please CALL 831-320-9478 or email me temporarily at libertized@msn.com as I am still setting up the email system with the new site. This will only need to be done for the 2 days, so no worries. THANKS.

okay people, I just transferred DNS name servers, and it takes "up 72 hours to propigate the servers". (Eh?) What that means is that at any given time over the next 2+ days, www.mikesteelman.com is going to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Yes, it is true. As faithful bloggies, you get the "soft opening" of the website, as I will do a Grand Opening in the coming weeks. So, what I'm really trying to say is this - check back frequently to experience the fresh new site! I'm really proud of it. Of course as time goes by, it'll only get better as I add more pictures to the galleries, etc. Right now I chose a handful of wedding clients to share with you, but there's so much more. Don't rush through the site though...Be sure to take a few moments, relax, and then let me know what you think. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! ENJOY.



Okay, so I received an email saying that my new website will be up on Monday sometime. I really hope so because the anticipation is killin me! Plus, I really am eager to share it with you all. In the meantime, how about a completely off the wall subject- SPAM. No, not the stupid emails you get, but the delicious, well balanced diet of canned meat (I think). There are some pretty cool websites completely devoted to the love of spam. For now, how about a cool picture of some spam misubi. I probably spelled it wrong, but it tastes the same nonetheless. In Hawaii, this stuff runs rampant! If you don't like it, something is wrong with you and you are exiled from the islands. Kind of. Start with some classic sticky rice - no Uncle Bens non stick rice here baby! Add a deliciously delicate slice of your favorite SPAM meat, and finish it off with a nice refreshing piece of seaweed to hold it together. The wonderful juices from the fried piece of SPAM gently melts into the sticky rice, giving it it's signature all around flavor. I'm telling ya, it's time. Maybe there will be future articles about the famous canned treasure. Who knows. Let me know about your experiences with our favorite delicatessen. ENJOY!


WAIT...a funny word.

Still waiting! Come on baby, let's get this site going!


Waiting...ANXIOUSLY! :)

Just waiting on the web host to upload the site... To all of you who have been so patient, thank you so much! Some pretty cool stuff happening all at once. We're also in the process of moving residences, and diligently seeking a new studio office space. The few I had working didn't pan out, but I know that God has some perfect place in mind that will probably be better than expected. Y'all know how it goes. :)

For the meantime, let me share with you Georgette. Georgette is an instructor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and teaches Arabic. She is Lebonese, beautiful, and a blast to work with! We had a great time with her last Monday, just getting some Lifestyle shots at the local wharf and beach. What an awesome day in Monterey! The sunset was perfect, as was the weather. I love it when it all works together! I sometimes start jumping up and down, kinda. Here are just a few pics of Georgette...