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Well friends, my gutt was right. :) The forecast for 2009 does not include a vision of this dude taking 17,000 pictures of a little beautiful daughter. Which means, the being inside my wife's belly is indeed another BOY!!!! Thanks for sharing in our delight! We are stoked, and the truth is no matter what the sex we've been jazzed to have a healthy baby, with all fingers and toes in their perspective place. I was trying to hold off so I can show a cool untrasound picture but my wonderful bride has the images with her and not at the studio. Oh well, I'm sure you guys can figure it out though. Thanks again! I am honored that you all care so much.

Here's to another Steelman boy rousing up the house! :)

The Longest Day...Episode 3

And on we go...


A JK Splash

I figured it's been a while since I've posted images of my favorite little man in the world JK, so it's time. He was a bit onry (how do you spell that?) on this afternoon because he just got his haircut, but he's freakin' cute nonetheless. The last image was from one of our daddy days (every wednesday!) at Starbucks. I've already been hounded about how my boy is a bit young for Starbucks, but with the $1 kids "hot chalk-lit" you can't trade the time together for anything. A quick question: with the hussle-bussle of life and the weight that it has on our shoulders, when do YOU take the time to just sit and enjoy the hot chocolates? Believe me, I'm not the hippy type per se, and I'm feeling the pressures of the economy too, especially with a new baby almost here, but the deeper part of life should not be ignored or put on the backburner. Take time to adjust your daily life and make those wise investments. Despite short term pains, you'll be glad you made those Long Term investments for sure. Happy Thursday!

The Longest Day...Episode 2

Continuing with the series...enjoy!


The Longest Day...Episode 1

If you're a photographer, you'll enjoy these episodes done by the amazing Ron Dawson and crew...Definitely check out the F-Stop Beyond blog and be prepared to gain insight with some of the industry's leading photographers.

This is a snippet taken from the F-Stop Beyond blog:

"The premise is simple: get 24 of the hottest professional photographers in the country (and Canada), bring them all to southern California armed only with the knowledge that they would be split into two teams and given an assignment to complete in just 24 hours. Once they arrive, they find out their assignment is to write, shoot, and edit an original short film about photography, AND an original PSA about the respective charity for which they are playing: ThirstRelief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Over a series of ten episodes, you’ll see the drama; the comedy; and the battle for the best video and PSA as voted on by YOU. That’s right, as we lead up to WPPI (February 14-19) we’ll air the episodes. Then, about a week before, we’ll show the final short films and PSAs by both teams. You will then have an opportunity to vote for the videos you like the best. Thanks to our sponsors, the winning team will win $3,000 for their charity. The other charity will earn $2,000. (In this episode you’ll hear me mention $1,000 and $500 as the respective prizes. The ante got upped since the taping of this show)."

Please visit today! You'll enjoy it for sure... :)



Hey friends, another major development in our lives, as many of you already know, is our expectation of another mini-me or mini-gina...Due in May. TODAY is the day that we find out (hopefully) what God has blessed us with: a son or daughter. These are exciting times, and I will for sure be sharing that awesome news soon. Can you just see the smile on my face or what? :)

Just For Fun

Thanks to Armin DeFiesta for sharing this on his blog...I thought it was a great video for sure. Tmobile's advertisement, but great nonetheless! There's something to be said about being in it together, this thing called life.

On a separate note, I know that my blog has been severely neglected, and part of my resolution of sorts is to really zero in on this bad boy and make it a fun part of your weekly routine! So, thanks for your patience, and in the meantime, why not follow me on Twitter and Facebook? (My micro blogging specialty :) www.twitter.com/mikesteelman

Happy Monday!!!!!



Hi folks! We've had a terrific weekend at the Monterey Bridal Show and
it was great meeting you all!! We're taking today off to recoop and
rest up and spend a little time together as a family. I'm looking
forward to catching up with y'all tomorrow! Have a fantastic day off


Idaho Model

Over the holidays I was stoked to photograph Meaghan in Boise, Idaho. Meaghan is an up and coming model, and is such a kick to be around! And oh yeah, check out that natural red hair! I have a bunch of shots to post next week, but here's a quickie. I'm just about out the door for one of the select bridal shows that we do each year. We'll be in Sacramento at the Cal Expo on Sunday all day, so be sure to find our booth and say hi. I'd be honored to see you in person. Have a great weekend, and look for some more posts next week for sure!