Welcome to Mike's Tangents...

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. This online journal covers both professional and personal notes, thoughts, aspirations, questions, and whatever else is going on inside my head and heart, and is intended for you to get to know me just a bit more. Please enjoy, & be sure to visit my website for more info. Thanks for swinging by, & enjoy the tangents...



So the other day I was driving to work early and noticed something spectacular. Something that we too often take for granted, or, if you're like me, rarely get to see. I walked out of the house on our ranch and began to take it in... The New Day. The sun was just about to rise on over the hills, and I could see the fresh morning light reflecting off of the clouds. It's been raining here like crazy for the last 2 weeks or so, but the rain stopped just enough to enjoy a breath of crisp, fresh country air. Then on the drive out, in my rear view mirror I saw the sunrise, simple yet so powerful. My cheap phone camera was all I had, but here is the image I got through the back of my truck window. Just enough to help visualize, ya know? I had to stop (mentally) and soak it up. It was then that I was reminded about a verse, "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!" (Lam.3:22-23) God's mercy is new every morning...wow. Have a great day!


Got Chocolate?

I'm a wedding photographer, but one who likes to have fun. Check out these shots I did for "The Chocolate Dipper" and the neat postcards I made for them. Oh my goodness, I think I'm developing somewhat of an addiction! haha...

Brides Galore...and more.

Hi all. I've been excited to be a part of a few exclusive bridal shows in the area the last two weeks. The first was in Gilroy at the Hilton Hotel, and was a pleasure to have a more intimate show. I got to meet some very cool brides and vendors! The second was in Monterey at the Portola Plaza Hotel/Monterey Conference Center. "A Day to Remember" was the theme. This one was over 100 vendors, and lots of engaged couples. So my approach was the same as my everyday approach - Professional but Real and down-to-earth. I know how overwhelming it can be for a bride (and even other vendors) when there's so much external stimuli. It can be exhausting. Thus, my booth. :) I custom built a great backdrop frame with painted corrugated panels on a steel frame with a 47" LCD screen, Rockstar Drinks, a Cappuccino Machine, and comfortable chairs! Come on in and take a breather! (The picture doesn't do it justice). The attempt is to create an experience...a little taste of what kind of service I offer to my clients. Could I have just done a little something to introduce myself to everyone? Sure. But that's not my style. I like to put myself into what I do. I figured, my booth should be a representation of ME, and my business. (I think the exclusive Chocolate Truffles finished it off nicely! Did you get one?) Thanks to the Alvarado Concept Salon and day Spa for the great kit of girly stuff! Shampoos, Lotions, soaps, and so forth. Boy did they smell good...and all were Aveda brands! Wow...

I don't like to do a whole lot of bridal shows, but this was a blast! I wish all you brides a great time planning your special day, and ultimately the most fantastic special day of all! Let me know if we can help out on your day.

To you vendors out there, it was also a pleasure meeting with you and I look forward to our working relationship!

I took some wonderful fashion show pictures from the various wedding boutiques, and will post some photos in the coming week. Keep an eye out! If you are one of those boutiques, please be sure to give me a call to get those images...

Hope you all are doing well. It's been raining here for days, but thank God for the rain. It makes the sunshine so much more beautiful.


Doin in Right...

As many of you know, when I do something, I like to do it right. And in addition to having fun with it, I tend to go the extra mile in everything. This is on the forefront of my mind because of my latest project; I have a bridal show tomorrow, and I don't just want to be another photographer at a bridal show. That's not my style, and it doesn't portray myself as I am. So...I've been designing a whole "set" for my booth, and thinking outside of the ordinary.(If you are a bride-to-be/potential client, you'll soon find out that I pour all of my heart into everything that I do, and really strive to excel in my work. Each day is a new opportunity to increase and expand my skills, personality, and style). I want to save the full description for when I have an image of my actual setup to show, so you'll have to check back in a couple of days. :) Just know this, you'll be impressed. I know I am; it came out so much better than I actually had in mind! Of course, I need to go home now and soak in a hot shower for an hour to get the burgandy paint off my face, arms, and hair! My converse shoes are jacked, once kakhi and white, now pink and red. Funny thing paint is. If you're gonna do it, you have to get involved at least in the slightest. See you all manana!



WELCOME 2008! Happy New Year to you all. You've heard it over and over again, but where did the time go? 2007 was just a blink. Of course, watching my almost 2 year old son grow so fast really puts life in check, and reminds me to cherish every moment with family, friends, and clients. It truly does go by quick...like a breathe, or a vapor. With that said, I am absolutely stoked about 2008!! The calendar is filling up quick, and I'm meeting some fabulous people. I sincerely believe that it is going to be GREAT in 2008. (ha, it really does rhyme. :) I have some wonderful things planned for MSP this year, and am excited to share as we grow along. A crazy busy week ahead, so I'll post when I can. God Bless!