Welcome to Mike's Tangents...

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. This online journal covers both professional and personal notes, thoughts, aspirations, questions, and whatever else is going on inside my head and heart, and is intended for you to get to know me just a bit more. Please enjoy, & be sure to visit my website for more info. Thanks for swinging by, & enjoy the tangents...


All Systems Go!

FYI, we're back on. 1-800-925-1639 Feel free to call and just say hello! :)

800 # Temporarily Down...try my cell!

Hi Folks, it was brought to my attention that my "800" phone number is temporarily down/out of service, but will be up again shortly. If you are trying to reach me, please call my cell phone directly at 831-320-9478. So sorry about the inconvenience, but I really look forward to talking with you!


Daddy Days

I know, I know...another post about my wonderful boy. So, to keep it short, I'll only say that HE arranged this in the hall. How cool is the responsibility of having someone follow in my shoes! :)

On another note, I desperately need the internet at my house. Country living is like a mini retreat everyday, but it has its drawbacks. If it weren't for my iPhone I'd be lost! It's days like today that I could be a bit more productive with a home office, but the advantages definately outway the disadvantages. I hope your day was great!


The Photoshop thang...

Hey, before I run, I wanted to say something real briefly about Photoshop. I have never ran across a more robust piece of software! I am loving learning how to do great things with it. It is such a great tool, but should remain just that: A tool. Way too many photographers are "praying and spraying" (old law enforcement term) and relying heavily on fixing the images afterwards in PS. Although there's a time and a place for it, I don't think PS should be treated like that. Maybe I'm off a little, and maybe I won't achieve those same looks all of the time, but I want the images that I shoot to be timeless, and fun to look back on 50 years from now without it looking like an obvious trend of the times. My mindset is that the image should not only look fantastic, but equally important should bring you back to that time. (More later...) The effects are fun, and look wonderful. But I have chosen to only pick a handful of images to put the MSP/PS touch on, and remain on the path to produce quality images of art that are natural. Now...that said, I do know how to have fun, and today I played around (a little way too much!), but check out this cool pic. I think it always comes down to, as with so many things, that fun word called "balance". Just my two very quick cents...Have fun.

Vegas, continued...

Okay, I know it's been a few weeks since I last posted about the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Convention down in Las Vegas last month, and I really am going to finish telling you about it. But my wife just called and wants me home (it's after 7pm already) so I'm just going to post an image of my wifey and I at the Pictage hosted party. Moderation is always key. Now before you go thinking anything funny, we were really good in vegas. Honestly. :)


Different Looks...

Happy Friday to you! We're busy working on a refreshed MSP look, and I am so excited about the progress. Of course, what you see now is not a representation of it, but more-so a temporary teaser of sorts. The new stuff will be sweet, edgy, refreshing and fun, but takes time to build. I couldn't wait for it, so I've just changed some basic stuff here. Although not bad, I must confess, I am eager to get the new groove on. In the coming months I'm sure you'll be taken back on how refined the new look will be. So there, the cat's out of the bag. (Well, more like his tail. :)

Back to work...


A quick post

hey all, I'm scrambling this week to tie up a bunch of loose ends and amp up for the busy wedding season that's upon us, but I ran across this pic of my little guy at the beach about 2 weeks ago. It was around 80 degrees (awesome!) here in Monterey, so we grabbed an hour or so before a shoot I had and splashed around at the beach. Funny enough, my iPhone (the best invention of all time) got some really great shots, but this one was from the point and shoot. Anyhow, I wish you all a fantastic day! Take a breathe of fresh air, and remember that you hold tremendous value.



Yes I know its the olympics, & its a Friday, but I have that date open
for any client that must have that date! Give me a call at
800-925-1639 and I'll definitely take care of you! :)

Happy Tuesday!!


Time flys or flies...

Wow, this past week seemed to fly by - Between sorting and editing images in Apple's Aperture 2.0, getting more familiar with my album designs, meeting clients and babysitting, it's been a full one indeed. More PICTURE posts to come next week! Stay tuned. :) In the meantime, check out these killer shots taken of Fisherman's Wharf at 8pm after a lifestyle shoot last weekend. I bumped up the sharpness, contrast and color saturation in camera to produce a bit of a different "surreal feel" to the images. It was such a beautiful day (but I'll tell you more about it with Jeni & Nick's picture post).

And then there's this picture taken of a monkey in a tree in Hollywood by my friend/associate photographer extraordinaire Joshua Cloud. Funny looking monkey, don't ya think? Josh did such a wonderful job shooting with me. More to come on that note as well...

If you're into biking (as in the physical exercise, sweat & natural adrenalin rush type of thing..as opposed to my style of biking where I physically exercise my wrist turning the throttle and ankles shifting gears!), the annual Sea Otter Classic is going on throughout this weekend at Laguna Seca/Mazda Raceway. Called the Bikestock of North America, this massive cycling event features fun rides, road racing, mountain bike racing, BMX racing, kids events, and a consumer trade show that highlights the latest in cycling stuff. Racers range from first timers to Olympic champions. Watch out for that traffic, and have a great weekend!


The Coolest Kid

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...


My Sunday Afternoon

Yes folks, a whole day off. I almost don't know what to do with
myself! :)

Spring is arriving!

The flowers over my back door are telling me by their fragrance that
spring is upon us! (and to give them a haircut-hehe) Yay! I love this
time of year...the newness & freshness of it all, plus the beautiful
weddings I get to witness. Everytime I walk out the door this week,
and the aroma of the wisteria flowers hits me, I will pause and be
grateful for the air I breathe & how each day is a new day to live to
the fullest! "His mercies are new every morning." What are you going
to be thankful for this week?


Sneak Peak!

I am still sorting & editing George & J.J.'s wedding from Hollywood, but couldn't help but share at least ONE image right away. So George & J.J., here you go! Of course, you're probably soaking up the sun on a tropical beach somewhere, drinking delicious margaritas and wishing you took your photographer along for those beautiful romantic sunsets, right? hahaha!

BTW my friends, we are definitely available for your destinations; just ask. I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous day! :)


Happy Thursday

Today has been a repeat of the last few days, catching up on emails, downloading/editing/sorting images, and trying to catch and extinguish that little office-closet-monster who keeps messing up my entire space with garbage, junkmail, and miscellaneous papers, empty starbucks cups, candy boxes, and everything else. One day, I will nab that little sucker. Mark my words. :)

I am so eager to post some recent images...so be on the lookout and check back often! Thanks so much for taking the time to hang out here.

On a personal note, I am so blessed to wake up each and every morning next to my high school sweetheart, and my little red headed 2 year old, who somehow through the night, has ended up with his two little beautiful feet resting on my head. The coolest thing in the world, really, is to open my eyes and find JK looking at my face saying "Daddee, Daddee..." and taking out his binkie to give me a good morning kiss. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. Nothing else to say. Wow.

Of course, by now you know that there are three major aspects of my life: The Lord & his love for us, my treasured wife & son, and my wonderful clients/friends. You guys make my life full and rich, and I am so thankful for you. No fluff here, just the hardcore truth. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you. Yay!

So now for a question of the day (when posted): What is your favorite coffee shop, and why? You may not already know this, but one of my aspirations is to open my own coffee house, withmy studio next door. But not just another coffee shop just to have one. (It seems they keep popping up everywhere!) Why do those who open one actually open one? What's their motivation? Hmmm...maybe I'm pondering too much on this, so I digress. The vision for mine is one that, in order to fully appreciate, has to be explained in person with my enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. If you're in town, call me. I'd be happy to explain.

I have to run and move my car before I get another parking ticket here in Monterey. Happy Thursday!!!



We finished late last night with George & J.J.'s wonderful wedding here in North Hollywood. What an event! The whole reception was a BIG dance of honor and celebration with family and friends, and food no-stop. I think there were 5 entrees courses brought out on huge platters throughout the entire evening late into the night. The music was incredible with an arabic band, and a DJ to fill in the gaps. I'll post more details when we return. We drive home today, and will post some images in the coming days. Happy Sunday to you! Enjoy your family.


Hollywood here I come!

Hey all, we are heading out to North hollywood bright and early tomorrow morning to shoot George & J.J.'s wedding on Saturday. These guys are such a blast to work with, and I am excited about their special day! Here's their picture from a previous post.

We will be out of the office from Friday through Monday, but will be returning calls via cell phone. Please feel free to call the studio at 1-800-925-1639 for your special day's photographic needs!

I just finished a weeklong project of sorts with 1st Capital Bank and their 3 branches. Such a nice & friendly group of people to work with, both professionally, financially, and personally. If you're looking for a bank, check 'em out.

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Be blessed, and enjoy!!


MPCC Awards Released!

Hey there, the MPCC awards dinner was great. My wife and I enjoyed a fantastic meal (ie. filet mignon done perfectly- yummy) and great company. I wanted you to know that the event has been released for viewing & ordering online via my partnered photo lab Pictage. Click here to go directly to my website where you can follow a temporary link to the event. Just sign in with your email and make a password up! Enjoy.

I have a crazy week that just keeps getting crazier (in a very good way), so if I can't get to my phone fast enough, DO NOT WORRY. I'll call you back usually within a few minutes. Thanks, and talk with you soon. Good night.

Oh by the way, check out this cool shot locally from Carmel Highlands. I got it while shooting a great family session on Easter (soon to be posted). See ya!