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Hello there! Welcome to my blog. This online journal covers both professional and personal notes, thoughts, aspirations, questions, and whatever else is going on inside my head and heart, and is intended for you to get to know me just a bit more. Please enjoy, & be sure to visit my website for more info. Thanks for swinging by, & enjoy the tangents...



I wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is
filled with copius amounts of joy. :) It's a great day to
reflect...what are you truly grateful for?

God Bless!


WEEK 13!

Okay, so as y'all know, my gorgeous bride is pregnant with our second child, and is thankfully just about out of the first trimester! When we were pregnant with Judah I did not have a blog, but made a chintzy website (which is now gone) to keep our family and friends updated. But the times are a changin, and I'll be posting the updates here! So, to kick things off, here's a little status update (courtesy of AmericanBaby.com). We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, but I'll refer to him as a boy...for now. :)

  • Our little baby now weighs about 1/2 ounce and is between 2.5 and 3 inches in length. His digestive tract continues to develop as tiny villi (hairs) form inside the intestines. These villi will help move food through it's digestive tract. The pancreas has begun producing insulin, and all 20 teeth buds have formed inside his mouth. But of course, the teeth aren't visible yet.
  • At the end of this week, our baby officially enters the second trimester of development. His eyes have moved from the sides of his head (Weird!) to the front, and his ears are in their normal position. He's also got reflexes--if you prod him, he'll squirm (although Gina still won't feel it), and his hands and feet respond to stimuli by closing or clenching.
  • The ultrasound pics...coming as soon as my scanner is fixed. :)


A Toast to the Wedding Season...

This Sunday we'll be having a mini get-together for all local wedding
professionals at Scheid Vineyards' new tasting room on Cannery Row at
5pm. I haven't personally been there yet as they've just opened, but I
hear great things! If you're interested, please email me or better
yet, join the "Mike Steelman Photographers Group" on Facebook for the
evite link! See you there!


Stevan & Jennifer!

Hiya folks, I'd like to share a slideshow we put together of Stevan & Jennifer. They recently got married locally at a church in Pebble Beach. These two have been through a lot together, and it was a pure joy getting to know them on a personal level. With a persevering and joyous attitude, both Stevan and Jenni have a love that is such a treat to photograph. It's one of those loves that everyone around them can not only see, but can feel as well. They were so cute: on the first look they couldn't wait for the ceremony and couldn't help but kiss each other! Congratulations you two! I'm looking forward to a movie sometime soon. :) You can view it by clicking here!

Jenni & Stevan, Continued...

Here are some images (also in the slideshow above) from Stevan & Jenni's wedding. Please enjoy!

An image that is timeless...Imagine 50 years from now still holding your spouse. Man I love what I do!

A beautiful carriage from the Monterey Bay Equestrian Center (montereybayequestrian.com)

And some favorite moments along 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach.

Thanks again Stevan & Jenni! May God bless your marriage with many many years of happiness. :)


Habits...hmm. What comes to mind is trying to break bad ones, though
trying to establish good ones is the other half of the battle. Take
for example blog posting. (Sigh). I am constantly thinking of a great
blog post and then, when I actually could post, I get sidetracked with
work or family. I know that your time is valuable, and I want to make
the best of it for sure. To you who follow me, I sincerely thank you
and am super eager to share a whole bunch of stuff with you. I have
pictures from several weddings now released, a cd cover shoot, senior
portraits, and more! Thanks so much for hanging with me and I'm
excited for some new changes happening...and new blog posting habits! :)


A beautiful Carmel sunset!