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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! and more...

I am so extremely thankful to be doing something that I love. I am so thankful for my family, friends, and Jesus. I am thankful for life, simply put. More Thanksgiving stuff later...but I want to catch you up with last week. This will give you time to reflect on what you're thankful for... :)

I recently photographed the Monterey Peninsula's Chamber of Commerce 4th Annual Charity Event called "Peninsula's Got Talent" hosted at the Monterey Hyatt. This was such a great event, and raised a great amount of money for a variety of charities. Some of the organizations involved were Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, SPCA, Rising International/The Action Council, Carmel Youth Center, American Cancer Society, and Meals on Wheels, just to name a few. Each organization was to "provide" their own talent performer for this Talent Show and the winner brought the booty to the charity organization.

There were some incredible raffle prizes from the Pebble Beach Company to Ventana Vineyards to Bernardus Lodge and more, with delicious wine to be savored, and great conversations to be enjoyed, in addition to some terrific talent showcased on the stage. The red carpet was rolled out, softboxes lit up, and young & old talent busting at the seams, with the limousines capping off the elegant edge of the show. The coolest part was the fact that it was all for charity. Cool beans.

Here are a few images from the night.

Behold the winners! In third place, the lovely Jessica Aubuchon. Second place was Ben Bang. And First place belongs to Mia Bernardino who has an incredible passion! All performers were great, and I'm stoked to have been a sponsor for this event. Definately a great time for a great cause. Congratulations to the winners!! On my home page (www.mikesteelman.com)you can find a temporary link to this event hosted online by my partnered photo lab Pictage. This link will only be there for another week, then you'll have to go to www.pictage.com/398166.

I'm off for the big Turkey Day, but will be back in the studio on Monday. I encourage you to take a few moments of reflection and think about what you are, or should be, thankful for. My list doesn't stop! From the minor little things like having a shower and hot water to having a dependable car, to the wife and kiddo to an awesome God...We have so much to be grateful for. A lot of it though, depends on our perspective. What's yours?

Have a wonderful day!