Welcome to Mike's Tangents...

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. This online journal covers both professional and personal notes, thoughts, aspirations, questions, and whatever else is going on inside my head and heart, and is intended for you to get to know me just a bit more. Please enjoy, & be sure to visit my website for more info. Thanks for swinging by, & enjoy the tangents...


A Deep Breath

So, I haven't forgotten to post, just been really busy. I am editing through the Park's wedding, the pictures I took at Mike Colon's Intensive (which is an upcoming blog entry, if not mulltiple entries, by itself), recalibrating my monitors, sending out overdue emails, watching my almost 10 month old zip across the floor now that he has perfected his crawling technique, meeting potential clients, redesigning our client reception lounge, making new slideshows, adapting to the world of Macintosh(as wonderful as it is), preparing in advance for WPPI, paying bills, and so on with all of the things that make up LIFE. Ahhh... It's always good to sometimes just stop and take in a nice deep breath, smell the diapers, and recompose. :) Don't laugh, you all know what I'm talking about! Here's a shot from the intensive to wet your tastebuds...more to come!So this morning I woke up with a completely blank mind. Of the things I wanted to accomplish tday, nothing was there! I went to bed last night with so many things racing through my mind on what I need to do, want to do, and wish to do, but didn't write it all down. I usually make a list to empty out the "memory bank", which helps me to basically "download" all the stuff running behind the scenes. (Can you tell I'm on a computer high right now?) The flipside of it is that I have a hefty to-do list already compiled, of which I am stoked to accomplish 3 things a day off of it! I did get some things done, but it took a long time to get back on track. Also, I played Mr. Mom today, and had a blast with my son! That is what it's all about...

I have to work the restaurant tomorrow daytime...a bit different from the usual. I was asked tonight by a client if I only do photography part time, and I realized that I don't - I work the restaurant part time, but am a full time photographer with all of the responsibilites of owning my own business. Pretty cool. BTW- What an awesome privelage to be able to own your own business, and to be doing what you love to do. I am Blessed!! Goodnight.


A little behind

I am running a bit behind in my postings, but plan to catch up very soon. I've been establishing a new workflow to be more efficient with my time. This is all based on my new mac, so my learning curve doesn't exist...It's now a vertical line! How does that saying go about eating an elephant? Oh yeah, you eat an elephant ONE BITE AT A TIME! So, my elephant is pretty big, but I like to eat!


What a Week!

Well, it seems that once you get going, you could very well never stop! It's like a snowball, but a good snowball :). I'm trying to post more on this blog, but time is so precious. This last week I got invited by the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) to come to their "Breakfast with the Pros" and do some photography for them. A few golf professionals (Craig Kanada, D.J. Brigman, & Michael Boyd) shared their testimonies, and what it means to be an athlete in this competitive world. A great influence on the teenagers and adults alike! It was held at the Monterey Marriot during the annual PGA Tour held at Pebble Beach (golf, for those that don't know).

I also did a headshot sitting with a gentleman for his job on Thursday, and finally ended the week with a wonderful Sweet 16 Party at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside, CA. One of the sweetest 16 year olds out there, indeed. :)

Next week I have the Parks' wedding on Saturday. Should be great! It'll be at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley - A wonderful setting.