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Hello there! Welcome to my blog. This online journal covers both professional and personal notes, thoughts, aspirations, questions, and whatever else is going on inside my head and heart, and is intended for you to get to know me just a bit more. Please enjoy, & be sure to visit my website for more info. Thanks for swinging by, & enjoy the tangents...



Happy Tuesday to you! This will be my last post on this blog as WE'VE MOVED blogs! Yes, I have taken the plunge into a new blogsite, and am excited to share it with you. Although not yet 100% complete, it's dang close...close enough to start sharing with you! So here it is:

Do me a favor and bookmark it, memorize it, even tattoo it on your arm if you have to. I haven't always been the greatest blogger, but 2009 marks a new start and I'm challenged to develop some mad skills in blogging. The journey will definitely be just that - a journey, but should be fun. So, with that, go visit my new blog. You'll love it! Muuah!

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